【Japanese Cooking Class】Hands-on Class Egg Roll and Roll Sushi

Welcome to my Japanese Cooking Class.

Learn to easy make Japanese Cooking.

Menu are Halal,Kosher, Vegetarian(Egg)

This class is Hands-On Egg Roll and Sushi Roll!!

Many people loved this menu.

We searve Japanese Tea & Japanese Sweets first.

💓 Egg Roll (Dashimaki-Tamago))  Hand’s-on

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Let’s try easy way Egg Roll!!

💓 Roll Sushi (Maki Sushi)  Hand’s-on

Have you eat Sushi in Japan?


We have many kind of Sushi in Japan.


Learn how to make Roll Sushi in yourself.

💓Miso -Soup

We have many kind food  use Miso Soup.

・Pork Miso Soup (Pork& many veg.)


Or  Toufu(Bean card)& mashroom  Miso Soup


Or Clam Miso Soup


Please choice 1 for your fav Miso Soup.

And more 1 dish is Veg dish



Class Fee JPY9000 +Tax 8%  (Adult)  all include Foodstuff & Recipe

Class Fee   7 to 15 Child fee is JPY 4500  all include Foodstuff & Recipe

0 to 6 years old Child is Free

Feel free if you have interesting for my class,please let me know.

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Thank you.

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