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This class is Hands-On Egg Roll!!

Many people loved this menu.

💓 Egg Roll (Dashimaki-Tamago))  Hadns-on


Let’s try easy way Egg Roll!!


💓 Roll Sushi (Maki Sushi)  Hadns-on

Have you eat Sushi in Japan?


We have many kind of Sushi in Japan.

Learn how to make Roll Sushi in yourself.


Let’s try easy way Roll Sushi !!


❤️ Seasonal Vegetable Dish

Learn how to make vegetable fresh green color!!

Easy make Hot Vegetable salad.

💓Miso -Soup

Famous soup in the world!!  It’s Miso Soup.

Learn to make Dashi Stock from Dry sea weed(Dashi Konbu) and Bonito(Katsuobushi)

Vegetable and Tofu Miso Soup


With welcome Japanese tea and Japanese sweets.



Class fee  JPY 9000 +Tax 8%  (Adult)

7 to 15 Child fee is JPY 4500 + Tax 8%  all include Foodstuff & Recipe

【Child 0 to 6 years old is Free】

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