It is a request to student of the participation.
Please read before participation decision.
To become the smooth, pleasant class between student; thank you for your cooperation.

◎ Cancellation rule
A reservation decides lesson charges after transfer in the bank. I tell you about the transfer at the time of a reservation.
Cause you trouble, but thanking you in advance.
I cannot accept the cancellation. I would like an application after checking a class schedule.
Please make an appointment only with participation with the intention. I would like a reservation after a plan was confirmed once when work and a plan seem to become available.
The person who is not in time for scheduled receipt of money date, please inform it of a due date to the BungaHijau Asia Cooking Studio.
When I accept cancellation after an application, I mail a recipe.
When I cancel it by the circumstances of the family of a lecturer and the lecturer by any chance, I pay the lesson charges.
◎ Immunity from responsibility, verboten
Really sorry, but I decline the participation for the purpose of catch commercial law between class participants, religion invitation, invitation of the fortune-telling, every sales invitation firmly because other students is troubled.
When the above-mentioned matter becomes clear during class holding, I would like a withdrawal immediately.
I prohibit the recording recording with carrying and a camera and the tablet under during the class class and class holding in (including the sampling time).
I decline a copy transfer, the blog of the recipe, the FB publication.
A re-offer and the sale in the net prohibit the right of the class present.
The property of other users, third parties or our classroom, an act to violate privacy or an act with the fear.
An act against public order and morals or an act with the fear.
An act to disturb administration and an act to affect.
In addition, an act to judge that our classroom is inappropriate.
◎ Other disclaimers
When I cannot hold the class by the circumstances of the family of a lecturer and the lecturer of illness, I change the class. I cope with the person who cannot do the participation in the transfer class by repayment for the total amount of the class price.
Please let the total amount of the class price give a response by repayment when the held continuation of the class becomes difficult by the circumstances of the lecturer.
When the holding of the class is difficult, I change the class to natural disasters by circumstances not to get to stop.
To the person who cannot do the participation in the transfer class, please let participation change it in the class of the substitution of the lecturer. In addition, BungaHijau Asia Cooking Studio is decided about the substitution period.
Therefore I do not refund it, but it runs over the fee of 20% only for circumstances not to get to stop such as the hospitalization for moving and a long term on the participant side having difficulty in participation and should be repayment at the transfer of these natural disasters or a substitution. I assume it the judgment of our classroom about these. In addition, a lecturer should be a full refund when transfer is difficult.
Please manage the valuables in responsibility of each person. Please wear the valuables by all means. The management of the baggage would like the self-responsibility, too.
For a loss about theft, the loss, BungaHijau Asia Cooking Studio and a lecturer are not things taking responsibility at all.
I prohibit the take-out of the dish, but BungaHijau Asia Cooking Studio, a lecturer are not things taking responsibility at all together about every problem brought by the food that student was taken home with. Because preservation time preservation methods are different each, I cannot deal in the BungaHijau Asia Cooking Studio even if poisoned by food by any chance. Please understand that it becomes all the self-responsibility when it is taken to go.
Who is responsible at the time of the problem occurrence when substitute attendance was handed over in a class becomes a substitute attendant and the assignor.
The transfer fee of the subscriber does not include it in repayment.
When a participant got a wrong date of the class, I do not change it.
In the case of lack of receipt of money, I ask it for transfer separately.
Please understand it.

BungaHijau Asia Cooking Studio