profileMidori Nukumizu
Southeast Asian Cuisine Expert
Southeast Asian Cuisine Director

To start the Southeast Asian cuisine research than in 1983.
And presided over the Southeast Asian &Japanese cuisine studio in Kyoto in 1995.
Cooking classes as Southeast Asian & Japanese cuisine expert, magazine, the proposed recipes in media relations, such as newspapers, TV, radio appearances, events, college, cooking guidance, such as high school, new product development to the company, also in Southeast Asia not only in Japan to expand the work there. Cooking studio management in Singapore from 2011 until 2014, Southeast Asian & Japanese cuisine, to perform a Japanese food guidance.
Malaysia cooking classes in Singapore Japanese Association from 2011 to 2103. Return to Kyoto ,Japan in 2014.
Started Southeast Asian cuisine studio in Kyoto
June of 2015.
Specialized in Halal.

Midori Nukumizu is a Kyoto native who has spent many years studying and specializing in South East Asian cuisine. Midori has lived in Singapore where she operated a successful cooking studio focusing on Japanese cuisine and South East Asian cuisine. Midori, upon returning to Kyoto, has started a lovely cooking studio called Bunga Hijau. Cooking classes are set in a traditional Kyoto Machiya (Traditional Kyoto House) right in the city! Centrally located in Shijyou Karasuma, Midori offers fun cooking courses that can be customized. It’s a wonderful way to connect with the culture!